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Hey there! My name is Alison Brehme. I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) and Corporate Wellness Consultant. My personal struggles with health and life lead me on this journey or rather mission to help others.

I have always been proud of my work ethic. My parents instilled the importance of hard work in me when I was young. At 14 years-old, I had my first job – not because I had to, but because I wanted one. I guess I was always a little independent!

That work ethic and drive to succeed became especially apparent when I began my advertising and marketing career. I was determined to learn, grow and show my value. How does one do that?

Well, long hours honestly.

As I was working those long hours, I was eating as if I was still in high school; the stress was high and the sleep wasn’t very good.

Working in the corporate world is something I wouldn’t trade. I learned so much about myself as a person and as a leader. The downside is that the long hours added up over time and impacted my health, especially when working in environments where there were plenty of temptations: candy bowls, pizza parties, free breakfast tacos, donuts and beer. I tried to offset it with working out, which worked for a while. What they say is true: you really cannot out exercise a bad diet.

In January 2006, following a few years of this stressful lifestyle, I was in a bad car accident. My life took a complete turn. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc, migraines (from the neck pain) and fibromyalgia due to the muscle damage from my accident. I had to go through numerous x-rays, MRIs, prescription medications galore, trigger point injections, epidural injections, traction and physical therapy (many times) without seeing much improvement. I even had a doctor tell me that my pain was “all in my head.” I really wanted to ask him for my co-pay back and then punch him in the face!

There came a point where my “power through” strategy was no long sustainable. I had to do the research myself and figure out a lot fairly quickly. I found out:

  • How to manage my pain
  • What prescription medications I was and was not willing to take
  • What workouts I could and could not do
  • What foods made me pack on the pounds and what helped me stay trim
  • How to “deal with” my colleagues at work as well as my family and friends while in pain.

No one understood what I was going through and it was honestly tough. After much trial and error I found the key.

What’s my secret?

When I started looking at my body, mind, spirit as a whole, that’s when I started to notice BIG changes in my life. You cannot physically treat symptoms alone as that does not get to the ROOT CAUSE of the problem.

I am not making any medical claims, nor am I a doctor, but this holistic approach worked for me on my journey and I want to share all my best tips with you.

Before you tell me I am just another hippy, let me be clear on one thing. I DO believe in modern medicine, but I also believe we should all look to NATURE FIRST so that we are PROACTIVE with our health so we don’t need modern medicine or over-the-counter pills. That’s the difference and it can be done!

I was so excited about what I learned that I had to knew I had to do more in depth professional training. I did just that all while working crazy hours. Today, I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and Corporate Wellness Consultant.

What’s my mission?

I am turning what I have been through into my passion to educate and serve others. I am now returning back to my roots in the corporate arena to help women in manager roles who are stressed out and fed up get beyond the myth that is work-life balance. In the dictionary, balance is defined as equal distribution of weight. I do not believe we are ever perfectly balanced between the two, but instead we are see-sawing back and forth. At times, this natural struggle impacts our health so I want to provide tips and tools for corporate professionals to successfully reach their health goals as we navigate through work and life.

I not only provide these tools for female managers and corporate professionals on an individual basis, but I provide training for small to medium size businesses (SMB) as well. Each individual needs to be proactive and take responsibility for their own health, but at the same time we spend up to 1/3 of our lifetime at work so companies need to understand that their cultureenvironment and even leadership has an enormous impact on their employee’s health and life. In my opinion, this needs to be taken more seriously and is one reason why corporate wellness programs are becoming more and more popular.

My goal is simply to educate in a down-to-earth fashion so you don’t need an advanced degree to understand all of the information out there, but instead can grasp the concepts and implement these best practices and tips in your life right away. I do not believe there is a one size fits all answer on an individual or corporate level as we are all unique so that’s why I offer consulting services so we can customize to your specific company or individual needs.

I would be honored if we could work together so please reach out to me when the time is right. Only you will know when that will be.

Until then…

Take a look around and drop me a line if you have any questions or if I can serve you in any way. Until then, check out my  my latest blog posts when you have a moment.
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