My name is Alison Brehme. I'm a heart-centered entrepreneur who is committed to living a life of authenticity, love and truth.


Published Author

Author of the book Fatal Flaws in Employee Wellness Programs and published on websites such as Fast Company, USA Today, USA Weekly, Corporate Wellness Magazine and many more.


As a certified holistic health and nutrition coach as well as a certified corporate wellness consultant I have coached over 70 students to add in a different revenue stream to their business. 


I geek out on the strategy and big picture! When you get to the root cause and uncover what's truly going on it opens up beauty, curiosity and creativity that brings next-level results!

Let It Be

A collective where women can take off their masks and dive deep into their inner soul looking at all aspects of our self (including the dark and twisty negative stuff that comes with life). It allows us an opportunity to be their most authentic, loving and passionate self where we can really enjoy our life in the present moment.

Virtual Corporate Wellness

Supporting companies to focus on win-win strategies using the power of data in order to improve employee retention, productivity and morale as well as boost the bottom line. 

Aromatherapy Collection

I created four aromatherapy blends for each season of the year along with rituals that soothe the soul and allow us to be present to what matters most in our life. Each blend is made from organic and wild-harvest ingredients.

My new book is out!

Cue the drum roll. I am so excited that my first book is out. It's a beautiful mouthful that I would recommend to any organization. Fatal Flaws of Employee Wellness Programs: How to Create a Corporate Wellness Strategy that Works!

Are you a workaholic?

I'm a former workaholic who struggled for years. I honestly had no idea I really had a problem. Until, I noticed that my work was impacting my health. I did the deep inner work of Workaholics Anonymous. I now coach others and help them evaluate if they are a workaholic and how to break free!  

Want to Work with Me?

I love working with those who are action-takers. Those who are ready to do the inner work (individually or on a corporate level). Those who are ready to make a positive difference in this world. If that's you, let's chat.


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