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The heaviness of grief is a burden we were never meant to carry on our own.

Alison Brehme

Hey, I'm Alison Brehme. This is my Story.

Author, Coach, and Consultant

Early Career

Alison Brehme started her corporate career in advertising and marketing in 2003. She's worked with Fortune 500 technology companies and consumer brands and freelanced for advertising agencies. After all of the long hours, travel, and constant stress, her workaholism caught up to her, taking a toll on her health and personal life, leading her to take a break from her career.


During that hiatus, her grandmother's health further declined in 2016. As one of her grandmother's live-in caretakers, Alison put her business plans and life on hold to be with family. After her grandmother passed away, the grief impacted Alison's health and landed her in the hospital in 2017 and again in 2018.

She learned (the hard way) that grief can take a toll on every area of one's life, impacting them emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. After recovering and changing her lifestyle, she was ready to move forward with her business ideas; however, in 2019, her grandfather landed in the hospital and needed around-the-clock care. Time is a precious commodity we can't get back, so Alison decided to pause everything again to respond to her family's needs.

Embracing the Uncomfortable

It was a tumultuous season of grief where she tried to distract herself by keeping busy and working to ignore her heartache and pain. But throughout the losses of her career, health, finances, relationships, and the death of loved ones, friends, and coworkers - Alison finally learned the benefits of vulnerability and embracing her emotions. God shifted her focus from the corporate world to family; there was no going back.


Today, she helps others navigate their emotions and access their vulnerability rather than trying to bypass grief with work or other distractions.

She focuses on writing words, stringing them together in a gentle, caring, and empathetic way that makes the readers feel heard and seen. We don't have to believe in the same thing, but Alison thinks we can learn from each other's experiences and stories if we open our hearts and truly listen.

When she is not teaching or learning about emotional and holistic health, she enjoys traveling, hanging out with family and friends, practicing yoga, singing, and writing her next project.

Experience and Professional Highlights

  • Certified Grief and Joy Restoration Coach
  • 9,125 hours of live-in caregiving experience
  • Advertising, marketing and media strategist since 2003.
  • Certified aromatherapist, holistic health, transformational nutrition coach and corporate wellness coach.
  • Published or quoted in over 30 articles, including USA Today, Fast Company,, USA Weekly,, and Corporate Wellness Magazine.
  • Certified Content Marketer by Jon Morrow from Smartblogger.
  • Coached and mentored over 75+ students in corporate wellness and 10+ individuals in small groups for nutrition/disease management.
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