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Curious About Unmasking Grief?

Unmasking Grief: A Guide for Women Navigating the Emotional Journey of Grieving and Losing a Loved One

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About the Book

Grief and loss happen to all of us, and the pain can be overwhelming.

Questions plague us constantly:

Will I ever be happy again? Will this hole in my heart ever go away? When will I stop feeling angry, numb, and sad?

And, especially for women—how can I grieve when I need to be strong for others?

Often, we cope by hiding our feelings under fake smiles and social awkwardness, or “I'm fine” replies. We let the busyness and distractions of life take over, and for a while, it feels like healing. 

But if it is ignored, grief can wreak havoc.

The Author 

Alison Brehme, a certified grief coach, is no stranger to grief—or bypassing it. She avoided painful emotions by becoming a workaholic, and her health and personal life paid the price. But her priorities shifted from self to service when God allowed her to care for her grandparents before they each passed away.

Through deep reflection, she began to see the benefits of truly feeling her emotions and being vulnerable. As she personally knew how difficult most people find this journey to be, she also knew that her experience could help others learn to grieve in a healthy and helpful way. 

You'll Discover How To

  • Create a safe space to fully feel the emotional pain of grief instead of avoiding it, resisting it, or hiding from it.
  • Take steps to actively surrender one's grief to God instead of just coping with it.
  • Release unresolved feelings of anger, confusion, and resentment that leave you heavy-hearted and questioning your faith.
  • Embrace the simple secret that will bring comfort when feeling empty, sad, and overwhelmed.
  • Develop the courage and confidence to be more vulnerable with others instead of suffering in silence.

Grieve On Your Timetable

This book will help women of faith navigate the emotional journey of grieving the loss of a loved one. Together, let's shine a light on the unspoken aspects of grief. Let’s look at this complicated, messy, and uncomfortable topic from a new perspective. Let’s find the courage to be more vulnerable with others instead of handling the heartache alone. And let’s finally, truly, unmask grief.


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