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Welcome! I'm Alison Brehme. An author, coach, and wellness advocate dedicated to shining a light on the unspoken aspects of grief, so you find the courage to be more vulnerable, instead of "toughing it out" and handling the heartache alone.

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Three topics to explore:


Grief goes beyond the death of a loved one. It's complex and shows up in many areas of our lives.


When you are a caregiver, how can you be their advocate, clearly make decisions, and reduce burnout?


Managing chronic illness can be overwhelming. Here's some simple things to deal with the daily struggle.

Moments of Gratitude

Is it possible to find gratitude when you’re grieving? Yes. But admittedly it's not always easy.

Here's an exercise to help you practice gratitude, especially on the days when you don't feel it (there's an unexpected twist).


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Grieve beyond the stereotypical advice, social awkwardness, and fake smiles. 


Sharing thoughts on grief, how to deal with chronic illness, aromatherapy, avoiding caregiver burnout, compassion fatigue, and much more.


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Alison Brehme is no stranger to grief. She’s a recovering workaholic who avoided painful emotions by overworking. So much so that it wrecked her health and personal life...


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