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Living with Chronic Illness: 5 Things No One Tells You

Have you ever met someone living with a chronic illness or chronic pain? Someone you know may immediately spring to mind, or perhaps you are...

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Creating a Personal Medical History

Imagine this. You are at the doctor's office. You are filling out those never-ending medical history forms. You speed through them with handwriting...

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How to Transition From Work to Home (Ritual)

Have you ever had a hard time turning off the events of the day? Maybe you are still thinking about what you didn’t get done on your to-do...

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Gratitude: How to Create Your Own Ritual

Begin and end your day with gratitude. This is nothing new especially if you've dabbled in or been actively practicing mindfulness. Stick with me,...

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Healthy Living: Simple Ways To Make Your Day Better in 5 Minutes

Life gets busy and stress seems is everywhere. When stress hits us, we feel it in many ways. Our heart rate increases and our chest tightens....

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